I’m an freelance photographer and creator based in Tokyo,Japan. With a passion for travel and hike, I specialise in exploring the contrast between nature and urban, through landscape, street, and portrait photography.

写真家 / 石橋 純

東京を拠点に様々な国や地域の自然に触れながら登山活動をする写真家。山岳写真をはじめ東京・南青山にあるジャズクラブ BLUE NOTE TOKYOでは国内外のトップアーティストを撮影し、雑誌やアルバムジャケットなどの撮影、コラム執筆など幅広い仕事を行っている。またユネスコの無形文化遺産であるブラジルの伝統芸能「カポエイラ」を25年間学び、LAを本部に置くCapoeira Batuque カポエイラバトゥーキではContra Mestre(副師範) の位を持つ。15年以上子供から大人までを教えながらTVやCM、アーティストのMVや広告などでカポエイラの監修や指導をしてパフォーマー兼モデルとしても活動する。2022年に写真集「Life is Fleeting」を刊行。

MV/CM/TV/Model ● BoA ● 吉井和哉 ● 倖田來未 ● 嵐 ● 爽健美茶 CM ● SONY WALKMAN CM ● SMAP×SMAP ● OH 舞 DA PUMP ● Adidas×Red Bull ● Levis ● NIKE and more…..


Jun Ishibashi is a Tokyo-based photographer. He travels around the globe, engaging in mountaineering and other nature-related activities. His wide range of work includes writing columns and photographing mountains, fashion, album covers, and top artists worldwide-including ones in Japan’s BLUE NOTE TOKYO, a famous jazz club in Tokyo. He also studied Capoeira for 25 years, a traditional Brazilian art form that is listed in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. As a certified Contra Mestre in the LA- based group Capoeira Batuque, he has been teaching people of all ages for over 15 years. Furthermore, he is a performer and model, supervising and teaching Capoeira on TV, such as in commercials, music videos, and advertisements for artists.